Travel is amazing because of certain touching moments. In Western Europe, "immigration" is a problem. I am a tourist, an immigrant who only stays for a few days or hours.


I talked with a friendly Dutch man in the train. He said the Dutch society is built by the sacrifice of his ancestors. The people, no matter in Africa, the Middle East or Asia, should fight for themselves. They should not move to other countries to cause the problems of other countries. The Netherlands does not have a duty to help solve the problems of other countries. It is not the Netherlands’ problem.


This is the general atmosphere in Western Europe I felt when I traveled. This man is a usual person. I cannot tell him about colonization, or the role of the Americans in the world. Of course, what are "Americans" and "world roles" are issues to be debated. The stunning historical buildings of France, Spain, and Britain all speak of the wealth and power of the colonial empires.


I think of the WTO in Seattle. I was a poor doctoral student when the WTO conference was held in Seattle. I got the hourly paid job to assist the delegates from Taiwan. It was an unforgettable experience to walk in the city full of tall riot police.


At that time, the walls of the world were to be opened, and the flowing people and capital were about to pour to all corners of the world. The construction of the city is to attract mobile people and money. Tourists are an important term and the protagonist of the city.


At this time, the walls of the world began to build again, the borders gradually closed, and many cities gradually changed, turning latecomers into others and strangers. Globalization has become a negative word full of tension.


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